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Links to other Spitfire-related sites that we have found of value:

Lincoln Model Club : A shameless 'plug' for our local model club, progenitor of the Spitfire SIG.  The SIG itself grew out of a Lincoln Model Club display.

Olaf Hungnes' 'Spitfire Pages' : Excellent, well-researched information on many aspects of the Spitfire.  Well worth investigating the internal links.

The Spitfire Society : Website of a Society associated with the 'real thing', and worth a leisurely browse!

Spitfire Performance Testing : A fascinating site which summarizes the official (and semi-official) flight-test reports on a variety of Spitfire marks.  Interestingly, it also quotes extracts from combat reports.

Aeroclub : one of the earliest and most respected 'cottage industry' manufacturers, John Adams' company offers an enormous range of kits, conversions and 'bits 'n' pieces', many of which are of keen interest to the Spitfire modeller.

Ultracast : a Canadian resin manufacturer who offers a useful range of exquisitely moulded and reasonably priced accessories for Spitfires, mainly in 1/48th scale.  Check out the seats and exhausts!

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