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About the SIG
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The Spitfire SIG of IPMS/UK - who are we?

The Spitfire SIG is a collection of UK IPMS members who - surprise, surprise - have a common interest in the world's most beautiful aeroplane.  We do not claim any exclusive degree of expertise, but between us, we have accumulated a fair degree of knowledge of the Type 300 and its derivatives.

The most visible, and widely recognised aspect of the group is the display, "The Spitfire Story" which may be seen at model shows throughout the UK.  It consists (at the last count) of over 100 models of Spitfires and derivatives, all to a constant 1/48th scale, illustrating the development and use of Mitchell's masterpiece.  If you come across us at a show, please stop and say hello!

On other pages on this site, you will find articles, pictures and reviews aimed specifically at the Spitfire modeller, as well as a forum where your views, comments and queries will be most welcome.

Ian Crawford

Picture : The SIG Display, Scale ModelWorld 2005

Photo by Nick Poole.

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