IWM Duxford
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IWM Duxford : Flying Legends 2004

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Another excellent show this year.  The crowds seemed down - perhaps because of the British GP or the uncertain weather - but the programme was as good and varied as ever.  The weather was threatening: at one stage, three separate heavy showers were visible in the distance, but the airfield itself stayed dry - if somewhat cold - and the cloudbase never seriously limited the display.

The highlight of the show - for me at least - was the formation flypast of six Dragon Rapides.  I glanced round at the spectators immediately afterwards, and the number of grinning faces was incredible!



Other highlights included the Constellation and the P-39 (neither of which I photographed, unfortunately), the I-15bis, the Lockheed 12, and the usual exuberant warbird flying.  13 Spitfires flew, along with 2 Hurricanes, 4 P-51's, a P-47, 2 B-17's, 2 B-25's, a Skyraider, an Avenger, a Hellcat, a Wildcat, a Tigercat, a Bearcat, 2 Jungmeisters, a Lysander, a Gladiator, a Dakota and a Nimrod.  A Sea Fury and a P-40 were also due to fly, but did not get airborne.  I've probably missed a few participants out, but I didn't make notes, and I'm too mean to pay Duxford's prices for a programme!  No privileged flightline access for me this year, I'm afraid, but here's a selection of pictures.







The Balbo